This details all of the changes we have made to the program since the beta release. If you have any suggestions for improvements or for additional features send us a support ticket.

30 June 2015 - Gold Release

  1. Added Default bank account for quick entry to cashbook grid
  2. Added Quotations that can be turned into invoices with a check-box
  3. Added extra field for Quotation terms in General Information
  4. Added "prompted" pre-fill of remaining amounts on payments and receipts in allocations
  5. Changed number filed in Invoice items to decimal
  6. Changed unit field in invoice items to read only as set in product file
  7. Removed quick search from money transactions/allocation form
  8. Added sorting on payee name on BAS reports
  9. Fixed toggle button to display all BAS entries and only those needed for the form
  10. Fixed BAS report now can show all records for items not on the BAS form
  11. Rebuilt the import of bank statements to allow for better control
  12. Added an additional invoice format and added logo/letterhead additions


2 March 2016

  1. added more date formats for the import of bank statement transactions